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On May 5, 2014, the Town of Dickinson held a Public Hearing for the purpose of explaining to our water customers why we were considering adding a Capital Improvement Charge (CAP_IMP) on our water bills. Over the past few years, the Town had to replace the water tank located on Old State Rd., repair and replace many water lines throughout the town due to breakage and worn out pipes and, recently, began a major water line replacement on Glenwood Rd. These necessary projects cost the town over $1 million dollars and bonding was necessary to cover these costs.  

The CAP_IMP is a temporary charge put in place to assist the town in paying off the bond. The charge to our water customers is based on water consumption:

Annual Consumption                        Fee per Billing Period
0-9,999 cubic feet of water $15.00
10,000-19,999 cf $30.00
20,000-99,999 cf $75.00
100,000-249,999 cf $100.00
250,000-500,000 cf $200.00
Over 500,000 cf $300.00

The residential consumption average is between 0-9,999 cf

It is of vital importance that we maintain our water delivery systems to assure public safety as well as public health.  The Town Board will review the status of our water debt on a quarterly basis. The CAP_IMP income will be dedicated to pay off the bond and as quickly as possible.